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A passion for gaming, and a strong interest in the e-commerce industry. These were the two things that had brought together the founders of Game Hypermart, an e-tailer which offers gamers gaming-related gear and merchandise.


The idea for Game Hypermart was conceived at a mamak with pen and paper, and the business was started as a home-based business back in September 2014.

– Samuel Kam, Founder and GM of Game Hypermart

However, as is the case with most home-based operations, storage and delivery soon became issues. The buildup of stock soon pushed the team to move to a SOHO unit at Old Klang Road, solving the issue of storage. As for the costs of deliveries, Kam noted that they managed to overcome the issue and minimise such costs for the customer through logistics partnerships.


Kam also believes that the strength of Game Hypermart comes from the talents in their team, who all enjoy gaming very much.

“Our team consists of an experienced e-marketer, a guy with experience in the commercial side of e-commerce, a guy with market research knowledge, a resourceful business development guy, two creative designers, a meticulous finance lady and the one-leg-kick guy which now runs the entire operations side. The team’s synergy is the core strength which drives us to where we currently are and we will continue to develop,” said Kam.

The E-commerce industry is ever-changing and fast-paced. You will lose out if you miss out on any trends, and adapting to changes is always a must. This industry is definitely a growing industry, evidenced by emerging marketplaces, and it is also a platform for small businesses to take advantage for growth.

– Samuel Kam

We were pleasantly surprised when we found out that we were chosen as a Finalist in the Top E-Commerce Merchant Awards, considering how new we are in the e-commerce industry.

We really appreciate the acknowledgement through this award, and it is definitely one of our proudest moments. To be able to stand with some of the industry’s big players means we are heading in the right direction. 

This initiative by SITEC will give e-commerce merchants something to look forward to every year, as well as provide a platform for merchants to learn from each other. 

Thank you, SITEC!