6th Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention 2021

The Smart City & Digital Economy Convention (SDEC) 2021 is an event gathering industry leaders, academics, SMEs and players from the public and private sectors, to delve into the mechanics of existing and future smart city and digital economy frameworks and solutions.

This year, SDEC will consist of 3 core themes, each with its own corresponding event:


  1. Day 1 (19th November 2021)Embracing Fintech, Agritech & Travel Tech towards Economic Recovery Conference
  2. Day 2 (20th November 2021) – Digital Marketing & SME Digitalisation Trend Post Covid-19
  3. Day 3 (21st November 2021) – Pitch@Selangor 5: Super Selangor League

Digital transformation towards economic recovery


  • To spearhead the digital transformation of Selangor as ASEAN’s digital hub
  • To act as a platform for local industry players to engage and discuss on the new normal and emerging trends
  • To strengthen and grow the Selangor digitalisation ecosystem  for SMEs

Our Track Record

2016-2019 Participants
5,000 to 8,000 per year

Business matching &
sales RM77 million

Digital audience 2020

What to expect this year?




Day 1 : Embracing Fintech, Agritech & Travel Tech towards Economic Recovery

Panel Discussion 1 : Fintech: Digital Disruption of Banking – What’s Good for the End Users? 

Panel Discussion 2 : Post Pandemic: A New Dawn for the Travel & Tourism Industry?

Panel Discussion 3 : Funding in Agritech: Prospects & Hurdles 

Panel Discussion 4 : Agritech Startups: The Way Forward

Carpit Presentation

Day 2 : Digital Marketing & SME Digitalisation Trends Post Covid-19

Panel Discussion 1: SME Digitisation: How to overcome challenges?
Panel Discussion 2: Essential Tips for Successful Cross Border E-Commerce
Panel Discussion 3: Stop buying, Start Subscribing: Why is the subscription business model the way forward ?
Panel Discussion  4: Livestream: Enhancing New Shopping Experiences 
Panel Discussion 5: Retail Innovation: From O2O to OMO
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Day 3 : Pitch@Selangor 5: Super Selangor League

  • 10 startups selected from SAP 2018-2021 will be part of the startup showcase during the Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention 2021.

  • The showcase is a platform for startups to enhance exposure for their products and services to the public and potential investors.

  • 30 startups from SAP 2018-2021 will have booths for the exhibition.
Carpit Presentation
Carpit Presentation

Who will come?

Smart City Technologists, Builders & Experts

Government Agencies & Local Councils

Venture Capitalists, Angels, Private Investors

Startup Founders, SMEs & Entrepreneurs

Software & Digital Professionals

Media & the Press

Business Opportunities


Promote your branding
to Selangor & national audience

Business matching and
potentioal business leads

Potential investment
opportunities for startups

Hybrid Expo

Standard Booth

Kiosk Booth

Booths 36sqm (6m x 6m) 9sqm (3m x3m) Kiosk Booth
Number of booths Available 10 25 25
Selling Price RM6,500 RM3,500 RM2,000

Virtual Booth

Number of booth available 100
Selling price RM750
Chat user access 5
B2B meeting user access 1
Product catalogue 8 files, 5mb
Video display 1, max 30 seconds

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