About Selangor Fashion Accelerator


Selangor Fashion Accelerator is an intensive 2-month programme that will benefit 16 fashion startups/SMEs through excellent guidance from well-versed mentors in the community and comprehensive workshops, leading them to investment- and expansion-ready level.

Theme: Modest Fashion


Ready-to-Wear (RTW) modest wear with a twist of modern and minimalistic elements.

In a multi-racial country like Malaysia, the fashion scene has changed dynamically as we witness the evolution of the Malaysian modest fashion into what it is today, exuding chic, style and elegance while still retaining the unique flair of modest designs anchored upon Southeast Asian cultures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If my business is not based in Selangor, am I eligible to participate?

Yes, the accelerator programme is open to all fashionpreneurs nationwide.

When do applications begin?

Submissions can be sent anytime between 15 JUNE to 15 JULY. As long as you meet all the requirements, why not apply?

Aspiring fashionpreneur have until 11.59pm on FRIDAY, 15 JULY to register!

Do we need to pay any fees to join?

No, this accelerator programme is FREE OF CHARGE.

How will the workshops be conducted?

The workshops will be conducted physically and we might also have a few site visits. Therefore, kindly ensure your availability during the training period.

When/how will we be notified if our company/project makes the shortlist?

The 16 shortlisted fashionpreneurs/companies will be notified by email.

If I’m not from the modest fashion industry, can I still apply to the programme?

All local homebrand fashionpreneurs are welcome to apply. However, fashionpreneurs in the modest fashion scene will be given more consideration during the application process.

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