Future Horizons:
Exploring AI Innovations in
Mobility, Healthcare, Education

16 – 19 OCTOBER 2024


Booths highlighting international & local exhibitors


Major Conferences

Pitching Sessions

Influential leaders, international speakers, & top panellists

What to expect at SDEC 2024?

Innovative Technology Showcases
  • Cutting-edge Solutions: Discover smart city technologies, from AI tools to sustainable mobility, and witness live demos of applications like autonomous vehicles and smart grids.
Networking and Collaboration Spaces
  • Business Matching and Startups: Connect in our Business Matching Lounge and explore the Startup Pavilion for fresh innovations in the smart city and digital economy sectors.
Educational and Insightful Sessions
  • Expert Discussions: Join talks and panels with industry leaders on smart city trends, challenges, and the future landscape.
  • International Pavilions: Experience global perspectives with pavilions featuring projects and tech from around the world.
Product Launches and Announcements
  • Innovations and Partnerships: Be first to see new smart city solutions and hear about strategic industry movements.
Sustainable Urban Development
  • Green Tech Innovations: See how green technologies like solar-powered EV charging stations are driving sustainable urban development.

SDEC 2024
Programme Overview

16 October | AI-Powered Paths: Innovating for a Greener Transportation Future

5 Topics | 5 Moderators | 20 Panellists | 300 Participants

17 October | The Gen AI Revolution: Reskilling for Tomorrow’s Challenges

5 Topics | 5 Moderators | 20 Panellists | 300 Participants

18 October | TikTok Shop SME Digitalisation Summit: Innovation Strategies for Growth

5 Topics | 5 Moderators | 20 Panellists | 300 Participants

19 October | Startups Demo Day: Reimagining the Future
with AI, Biotech & Sustainability

40 startups | AI and ESG | 300 Participants

16 – 20 October | Exhibition & Showcase

200 Booths | 100 International & Local Companies
Smart Cities, Mobility, ESG, SMEs, Startups & Technology Providers

Explore the forefront of industry trends!

ESG Strategy &

Sustainability Roadmap

AI Trends &

Future Mapping

Net Zero

Carbon Emissions

EV, mobility &

Clean Energy Solutions

New Retail &

SME Digitalisation

Biotech &

Genome Engineering

Who should join?

Engage in meaningful dialogue, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that drive innovation and growth in smart cities and digital economies.

Government Officials and Policymakers

Technology Providers and Innovators

Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Transportation Planners and Mobility Consultants

Scholars, Researchers and Students

Technology Enthusiasts

Startup and Innovators

Investors and Venture Capitalists

Market Analysts

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Community Leaders

International Delegates and Global Stakeholders

Empowering Tomorrow’s Cities:
Selangor’s Journey into the Digital Age

A prestigious convention gathering top industry leaders, potential investors, startups, SMEs, private sectors and the public to delve into the mechanisms of smart city and green digital economy frameworks.

Exhibition Booth

Bare space
Standard Shell Scheme

Floor Plan


Conference Hall

Plenary Theatre
(Level 3)


SME Startup Area

Conference Hall 1-3
(Level 3, West Wing)


Smart City & Mobility Area

Grand Ballroom 1-2
(Level 3, East Wing)

Don’t Miss Out
On This Amazing Opportunity!

So mark your calendars for October 16th to 19th, and stay tuned for more details on our exciting lineup of speakers and sessions. We look forward to seeing you there!


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