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On 18 June 2019, the EC302 class on Facebook Marketing was held at the Selangor Digital Creative Centre in i-City, Shah Alam, saw a turnout of 146 people.

The main coach for the EC 302 class was Jason Gan, CEO of Tribe Up and in his presentation on Facebook Marketing, he laid out the groundwork of what Facebook marketing entails and how to best utilise it.

Gan revealed that a majority of users were not aware of the Facebook marketing objectives, which are a set of 13 specific objectives that Facebook aims towards for that particular marketing campaign. Some of these objectives include raising the number of likes and getting a high number of shares on, say, a particular post.

“A majority of Facebook ad users do not understand Facebook’s marketing objectives, and that leads to a misunderstanding that Facebook ads are not worth it. However, with proper knowledge of the objectives, and knowing how to take a series of actions that leads to the goal, Facebook marketers will be able to see their engagement on their Facebook ads increase,” said Gan.

Gan shared about the concept of building a funnel utilising the 13 Facebook objectives, and leading users to take action towards what the merchant wants from their Facebook marketing campaign.

According to Gan, it is important for to know what is your goal and in the case of e-commerce, ultimately the goal is to get the user to buy something from the merchant.

This concept also works for B2B, but that would require a different approach and execution, as a B2B merchant would be looking at a different target audience with different purchasing habits.

At the end of the session, Jacksion Yang, Founder of Egrowthify also shared his company’s strategy to fully leverage on Facebook marketing.