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On 25 June 2019, the EC303 class on Google Marketing was held at the Selangor Digital Creative Centre in i-City, Shah Alam, saw a turnout of 162 people.

The main coach for the EC 303 class was Shakirah Karim, Founder of Mind Trafik and in her presentation on Google Marketing, she laid out what exactly is Google marketing and why it is something that business owners ought to take seriously.

Shakirah highlighted the need for businesses to be listed on Google and why being ranked well on the search engine will benefit a business growth as well as increase sales and revenue.

She said with 5.9 billion searches daily on Google, it is important that businesses be able to leverage on those searches to promote their services and products to a wider market.

She maintained that being consistent in branding for businesses in all their channels, be it social media, website etc is important as it helps in maintaining visibility on Google as well as being ranked on the search engine itself.

She also highlighted that businesses need to have all pertinent information they want their customers to know listed on their various media properly so that Google will be able to properly list and crawl the info to be placed on the search.

She went on to highlight some important search engine optimization practices that businesses ought to practice on their websites in order to rank better on Google including, site design, keyword optimization and many more.

She also went on to explain how important making ones side mobile friendly would go about increasing a business’ site ranking that will lead to higher search and possible higher sales or leads through Google search.


Shakirah also highlighted some of the free tools businesses could use in order to start off utilizing Google Marketing like Google Webmaster and Google analytics.

She said part and parcel of growing a business using Google Marketing is also tracking the results that are acquired after optimizing a business’ site and then constantly improving and tweaking things like content, keyword optimization and many more in order to rank better.

At the end of the session, Charles Gregory, President of the Digital Marketing Association of Malaysia was also on hand to elaborate a bit more on the benefits of Google Marketing and some tips and practices that businesses should look out for and follow.