Top ECM Mechanisms

All the qualified merchants will be judged based on 4 criteria:


Online Sales Contest

To test the sales and marketing skills of all the merchants to generate the highest sales and orders during the 60 days period of sales campaign. The objective of this contest is to encourage merchants to be creative in promoting their brands and products.

Contest period is from 11/3/2024 to 10/5/2024 (60 days)

Sales and orders from the e-commerce platform only

25% marks is from total sales & another 25% marks from total orders


Livestream Contest

To test the marketing and promotion skills of all the merchants to generate the highest viewers on their livestream session. The objective of this contest is to encourage merchants to be creative in boosting their brands and products through live streaming techniques.

Every merchant must partake in livestreaming on 30/03/2024

Conduct livestream minimum of 1 hour and achieve minimum of 100 viewers


Business Potential

All merchants will be judged by a respective panel from the e-commerce industries. They will look into five important core areas. The merchants will be given marks on their products, platforms, visibility, promotions and business potential (visually attractive, creativity & branding).

1. Products

Number of SKUs, product description, product picture & video, return policy

2. Platforms

E-Commerce platforms, display the company name, SSM number, data protection policy

3. Visibility

Social media page, number of followers, conduct livestream, physical store

4. Promotion

Sales campaign, ads on social media & e-commerce, SEO/SEM, engaging influencer

5. Business Potential

Visually attractive, creative, branding


E-Commerce Training

All merchants are required to attend the training sessions will contribute to 10% of their overall marks. It’s a fantastic chance to not only learn and grow but also earn valuable points towards their success in the competition.

Training 1
Live Streaming Technique
16/03/2024 @ 11am

Training 2
AI Generated Content
20/03/2024 @ 11am

Training 3
Marketing Campaign Strategy
23/03/2024 @ 11am

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