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On 18 June 2019, the EC301 class on Social Media Marketing was held at the Selangor Digital Creative Centre in i-City, Shah Alam, saw a turnout of 132 people.

The main coach for the EC 301 class was David Ho, Digital Marketing Coach of Navigator Digital Academy and in his presentation on Social Media Marketing, he laid out the groundwork of social media, and its importance in modern day marketing.

According to him an increasing amount of time spent on devices is spent on social media, and with everyone having at least one social media account, social media can reach across the world very quickly and he stressed the importance of maintaining a good image for the business on social media.

He then proceeded to elaborate about Facebook marketing, and whether or not a business was suitable for Facebook marketing. He then went further on about the various tools that can be used on Facebook to monitor campaigns run on the platform. This included the in-house analytics provided by Facebook and the pixel used for site embed in order to monitor incoming traffic to a site.

David then proceeded to explain the marketing funnels that drive conversion and sales through the platform. He said that Facebook is sometimes wrongly used as a platform only to raise awareness for a brand or company when there is more to it than that.

Many companies make the mistake of entering the wrong life cycle of marketing on Facebook and David says that is akin to trying to get a kiss in the first five minutes of a date, something that won’t end well.

He goes on to elaborate that it take a customer to go through 6 to 9 touch points on Facebook before they are ready to buy something. As such, he says that it is important to have a micro-conversion mindset, moving prospective leads through the Marketing funnel by providing increasing levels of share values.

He proceeded to elaborate on the funnelling strategies that will lead a prospect to the final stages of buying and highlighted various examples that could be used in the each of the funnelling process. He also elaborated on targeted marketing and how to target audiences and reach them through very specific tactics.

Also highlighted were the various types of advertising types that can be targeted at specific types of customers. He also highlighted that although a customer might click buy, it is still not the end and mentioned issues like cart abandonment and the ways to make sure that customers go through with their buying decision instead of ending their buying journey before paying.

He also added on about maintaining customer loyalty through Facebook tools like messenger and marketing tactics to keep customers coming back to a brand or shop.

At the end of the session, Amirul Mokhtar of Delyva.com shared his own social media marketing tactics and experience while Jackson Goh shared Whatsapp marketing tactics and practices.