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According to Edward Poh, Product Manager of Panpages, Malaysia has the potential to export globally, but local e-merchants need to get connected and get noticed by the international market.
“Some of the issues faced by consumers in buying online include the lack of website usability, along with a lack of the option to ship internationally on the merchant’s website,” he noted.
 Join him, in uncovering the sure fire strategies to guarantee the success of your start up!
1Secure Sales by Knowing Your Customers in Depth37m
2How to Know What a Customer Needs & Wants?35m
3E-Commerce and its Connection to the Global Marketplace25m
4Price, Place, Promotion, Product? Develop Your Marketing Strategy with the 4Ps!25m
5Different Types of E-Commerce and How it Applies to Your Business?36m
6Marketing Is Not Just About Sales, It Is More Than That40m
7Strategies to Guarantee Your Start up Success21m
8Exploring Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce37m
9The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs34m
10There Are Always Risks Involve in Every Level of Business, Startup Included37m