SDEC 2023 Programme Agenda

Selangor Accelerator Programme (SAP23)
22 October (Sunday) 10:00am - 5:00pm

Day 1 - SME Digitalisation Summit

Panel Session 1 - Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring Funding Options & Grants for SME Growth

Panel Session 2 - Empowering Growth and Efficiency: Unleashing the Power of Cashless Transactions

Panel Session 3 - Enhancing SME Growth: Leveraging on Cloud Technology, Business Software Solutions, and Cybersecurity Strategies

Panel Session 4 - Unveiling the Future: E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024

Panel Session 5 - SME Brand Scaling: Unlocking Million-User Growth from Ground Zero

Day 2 - SME ESG Summit

Panel Session 1 - ESG Partnerships: Engaging Stakeholders for Positive Impact

Panel Session 2 - Driving Responsible Sourcing and Ethical Practices in Supply Chains

Panel Session 3 - Adopting Green Technologies and Circular Economy Practices in Supply Chains

Panel Session 4 - Data-Driven Corporate Sustainability: Unleashing the Power of Cloud Technology (3 speakers only)

Panel Session 5 - Empowering ESG Initiatives through Sustainable Financing and Grants

Day 3 - AI, Net Zero & Bio Tech Investor Summit

Panel Session 1 - Responsible AI: Designing Tomorrow with Ethics and Transparency

Panel Session 2 - AI in Healthcare: Charting a Sustainable Path Forward

Panel Session 3 - AI-Driven Mobility: Paving the Way for a Net Zero Future

Panel Session 4 - Biotech for a Sustainable Future: Advancements in Climate Change and Agro Applications

Panel Session 5 - How to Invest for a Sustainable Future: AI, Net Zero, and Biotech Startups

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So mark your calendars for October 19th to 22nd, and stay tuned for more details on our exciting lineup of speakers and sessions.

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