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In the early 2000s, less than 1% of ecommerce transactions took place in China. By 2017 it was more than 40%. That’s more than France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US combined.
The pandemic has boosted the adoption of livestreaming among brands and retailers looking to engage more directly with customers. But the addition of shopping features is now transforming live streaming into a growth engine for e-commerce. Now that online has become the predominant place for consumers to research goods and services, retailers are struggling to replicate these material aspects of shopping. It’s no secret that buying online yields convenience. But is this a fad, or is it the next revolutionary way to do business?

Come and learn from 3 experts in the field of live commerce and discover how to launch and profit from live commerce immediately.

Key takeaways
– How you can attract more viewers for your live streaming
– How to start your first live commerce successfully with a bang!
– Why should you leverage live commerce in your business today?
– What are the pitfalls we must look out for when live streaming?
– The ideal set up for live commerce.

Introduction to Sidec
Speaker 1 – Ryan Yong from Live Stream Academy
Speaker 2 – Dato’ Kevin Wong from TT Live Mall
Jennifer Meredith from Meredith Marketing

1EC101 2021 - E-Commerce Marketplace38m
2EC 102 2021 : E-Commerce Website37m
3EC104 2021 Social Commerce40m
4EC104 2021: Introduction to E-Commerce32m
5EC105 2021 : Cross Border E-Commerce21m
6EC201 2021 - Payment Gateway & E-Wallet23m
7EC202 2021 - Logistic & Fulfilment37m
8EC203 2021 - Customer Relationship Management34m
9EC204 2021 Product Branding Strategy26m
10EC205 2021 Data Analysis & Online Traffic39m
11EC301 2021 Social Media Marketing28m
12EC302 2021 Google Marketing28m