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About this class
Have you ever wanted to open an online store? Want to know the tips and secrets of successful marketplace owners? Do you want to work part time but make full time income?
If you answered yes to one or more of those questions then this course is for YOU!
This is your crash course to successfully launching and operating a marketplace store. In this live class, you will learn the tools, tips, tricks, and hacks to building your successful e-commerce store in Lazada and/or Shopee.
Learn how to open a store on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and more!
Come and learn from 3 experts who will be sharing their life experiences in running a successful store.
Plus, get a behind the scenes look at their personal marketplace store and learn how to easily run a marketplace store part time or full time!
Key takeaways
– How does one build a profitable business in the marketplace?
– How can I boost the sales on my e-commerce website?
– What are the most popular products to sell online in 2021?
– How do I calculate profits from sales on eCommerce?
– What are the steps to getting started with eCommerce?
Introduction to Sidec
Speaker 1 – Wilson Lim from SiteGiant
Speaker 2 – Bjorn Gan from Masstige Malaysia
Speaker 3 – Jamie Thoo from UNIMART
1EC101 2021 - E-Commerce Marketplace23m
2EC 102 2021 : E-Commerce Website34m
3EC104 2021 Social Commerce36m
4EC104 2021: Introduction to E-Commerce31m
5EC105 2021 : Cross Border E-Commerce32m
6EC201 2021 - Payment Gateway & E-Wallet32m
7EC202 2021 - Logistic & Fulfilment38m
8EC203 2021 - Customer Relationship Management34m
9EC204 2021 Product Branding Strategy32m
10EC205 2021 Data Analysis & Online Traffic33m
11EC301 2021 Social Media Marketing30m
12EC302 2021 Google Marketing37m