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Organiser:  Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC)
Class: 8th EC Class of 2015
Title: Content Management
Date: 08 Sep 2015
Time: 2PM 
Venue: SDCC

Clement Chau, Operation Manager of Easy Store, and Vincent Cheong, Operations Director of iPmart, were invited to share their knowledge and experience on content management. 

Chau asserted that success in the e-commerce business requires understanding buyers’ and sellers’ expectations, and core e-commerce features such as website and domain, shopping cart, secured payment gateway, and delivery solutions.

“Product management is an important part of e-commerce marketing, so sellers should pay more attention about products’ title, description, images, variations, pricing, shipping policy, return and refund policy, and reviews,” he said.

He also added that a clear guide for buyers on “How to buy with cash, credit cards, and direct deposit” enhances sales effectiveness.

“EasyStore emphasizes after-sales relationship,” he said, adding that EasyStore will send vouchers and thank you notes to customers to encourage them to leave feedback, and do second purchase.

Cheong explained the definition and importance of content management system.

“A good content management system can streamline workflow to increase efficiency and search engine ranking, and thus improve visitors’ searching experience and customer service,” he said.

He pointed out that excellent product images are extremely important to online business as lots of people prefer to look pictures rather than to read text.

He also mentioned that iPmart is a MSC status company which provides full e-commerce business operation service which includes web development, social media and digital marketing, and supply-chain management.