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What is Google Analytics?Google Analytic is a free web analytics tool thatis hosted by Google so it can help you create more effective websites and increase ROI onyour marketing campaigns. Why its important?- How are visitors using my sites?- How can make my online marketing campaign moreeffective?- How can I create valuable and effective contents?- Where and why my visitors abandoning my pages?- How can I improve my site navigation and provide myvisitors best experience?
How to eliminate this fear?- Understand the basics- Create a goals-focusedmethod- Build a business analyticssystem
1Getting Started with Google Analytics35m
2Learn What and How Google Analytics Can Boost Your Business or Website24m
3How to Read Google Analytics Data: The Basics21m
42018 SITEC EC 202: Data Analysis - Part 138m
52018 SITEC EC 202: Data Analysis - Part 222m
62020 SITEC E-Commerce Class 203: Google Analytics & Online Traffic37m
720178 SITEC EC 202: Data Analysis - Part 230m
82017 SITEC EC 202: Data Analysis - Part 132m
92017 SITEC EC 202: Data Analysis38m