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Part I
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Part II
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Module : Introduction to E-Commerce 103

  • Coach                    – Adrian Oh , Co-Founder at ecInsider.my


  • Guest Speakers – Iylia Fahmi, Managing Director of Pinkboxcereal Sdn Bhd 

                                          – Elaine Tham, Marketing Manager of Shopline     
                                          – Dr Tom Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Commerce.asia

Online to offline commerce — sometimes called “brick-and-click” — involves using tailored marketing techniques to persuade your website, email and social media users to visit and make purchases in your physical This type of strategy incorporates techniques used in online marketing with those used in brick-and-mortar marketing.

 Advantages of Outsourcing Logistics & Fulfillment

  • Capitalize on your broader online traffic and social channels to increase in-store sales.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing a seamless buying experience across channels.
  • Customers can easily browse and search your full product range online, and buy in-store.

 Ready to  take your e-commerce logistics to the whole next level ? Click on the video and slides provided for more info.


       The slides are available below :

  • By Adrian Oh


  • By Iylia Fahmi


  • By Elaine Tham


  • By Dr Tom Tan

1O2O, What Is It and How To Utilized It?25m
22019 SITEC EC CLASS - Introduction to E-Commerce 103: Understanding O2O38m
32018 SITEC EC 103: Understanding O2O - Part 134m
42018 SITEC EC 103: Understanding O2O - Part 231m