Module : E-Commerce Process 201

  • Coach                    – Chia Chia , Senior Vice President of WebTvAsia
  • Guest Speakers – Adlina Nadirah, Founder of Velvet Vanity Cosmetics

                                          – Maverick Foo, Marketing Strategist of Authority Institute     

Content management is the process of organizing and consolidating these pieces of content in the most efficient way. The organized content can then be used over and over again (content reuse) for many different publications and re-purposed for multi-channel publishing.

 Importance of Content Management

  • Effective content will bring more traffic to your site.
  • Build brand awareness with useful content that engages target buyers.
  • Good content helps you build and foster stronger customer relationships.

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       The slides are available below :

  • By Chia Chia


  • By Adlina Nadirah


  • By Maverick Foo

1Six Trends Changing Consumer Behavior32m
2Secure Sales by Knowing Your Customers in Depth36m
3A Good Product is One That Solve Problems, Know What Makes a "Good" Product20m
4How to Know What a Customer Needs & Wants?36m
5E-Commerce Content Management40m
6What is Consumer Behaviour?20m
7Market Sensing: Consumer Behavior Influences30m
82019 SITEC EC CLASS - E-Commerce Process 201: Content Management39m
92019 SITEC 电子商务课程 201CN:内容管理20m
102018 SITEC EC 201: Content Management - Part 128m
112018 SITEC EC 201: Content Management - Part 240m
122020 Kelas E-Dagang SITEC 305bm: Content Management & Strategy34m
132017 SITEC EC 201: Product and Content Management - Part 221m
142017 SITEC EC 201: Product and Content Management - Part 126m