Module: E-Commerce Process 203

Coach: Sunny Ooi, Managing Director of CickAsia Malaysia & Singapore

Guest Speaker: Sharon Goh, Founder of IT Comp Sales & Services Sdn Bhd

Contrary to popular belief, just having the lowest prices won’t guarantee your product sells. That’s where excellence in Customer Service comes in. You don’t just want to sell an item and leave it – you want your customers to feel like they’ve made a great choice in choosing to purchase from you – and ideally, you’d want that to be repeated. In this class, learn the fundamentals about Customer Service and how you can use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help you manage your customers.


1Improve Customers Experience by Understanding Your Customers38m
2Simplify Customer Relationship Management by Using Software29m
32019 SITEC EC CLASS - E-Commerce Process 203: CRM, Email & Chatbot24m
42018 SITEC EC 203: Customer Relationship Management - Part 135m
52018 SITEC EC 203: Customer Relationship Management - Part 224m
62020 SITEC E-Commerce Class EC202: Customer Relationship Management31m
72017 SITEC EC 203: CRM & Customer Service29m