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Navin Premanand Subramaniam and his wife Theepa Navin are familiar faces at the SDCC, where they have been loyal attendees of the Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council’s (SITEC) various E-Commerce Classes.

They have been attending SITEC’s classes since the very first class started on February 23, and have not missed a single class since. For their commitment, SITEC presented the pair with certificates of attendance during the last E-Commerce Class. 


These Certificates of Participation are presented to participants if they attend at least five E-Commerce Classes within the year.

When asked about what drew him to the E-Commerce Classes, Navin shared that it was because his company was looking to diversify its portfolio, and wanted the new section, which already has a brick-and-mortar establishment, to have an online store as well.


I founded a graphic design company, GNR Design Studio, six years ago, and last year we started moving into holistic healthcare. We are looking to bring holistic healthcare and products to the Indian community.


-Navin Premanand Subramaniam

Theepa Navin receiving a Certificate of Attendance from the EC Class Manager, Goh Boon Peng

As Navin was unaccustomed to the nature of online businesses, he wasn’t quite sure where to begin. A friend then recommended that he start by attending SITEC’s E-Commerce Classes, which would help him to better prepare for the entry of Holistic Health Care Klang into the e-commerce scene.

“Customers used to have to come to our place to make the order before we make the delivery, but now, we are using Facebook as an avenue for our customers to make orders. This has provided speed for our business, as well as traffic flow on our site,” said Navin, who also intends for Holistic Health Care Klang, headquartered in Semenyih, to join SITEC’s Online 100 program.

Navin has also expressed interest in coming for all of the classes, and feels that many of the speakers are inspiring in their own right, with Exabytes’ Mr Chan Kee Siak having left an impression, “especially how he managed to get his credit card”.

“We had no pathway when we first started in e-commerce, but after coming for classes here, we now have an idea of the things we should look out for, like traffic flows, logistics, and marketing, among others. These classes have really helped us!”

– Navin Premanand